Sunday School

Sunday School is currently postponed due to the pandemic.




Here at CoshNaz Kids

we have Sunday school classes


for all ages!


Crib Nursery (birth - 16 months)


16 months - 3 yrs old




Primary (Grades 1-3)


Preteens (Grades 4-6)

 Senior High

Junior High

Parental Guidance

Our class is made up of parents both married and single with young children to  older. We talk about parenting and all of the pressures that surround parents today. This class is designed to help, support, and guide parents to making their children into spiritual champions.

Led by Betsy Moody

Prophecy Class

Our class is made up of loving and praying people from all age ranges. We are a prophecy class that focuses on what we should be doing while we wait for Christ's soon return.

Led by John Williams

Friendship Class

We are a group that studies the Nazarene Quarterly- a topical study. The group is made up of adults mostly over the age of 50. Everyone is welcome to come!

Led by Jim Sycks


Our class is made up of adults by age but kids at heart. We do a topical Bible study, with frequent guest speakers.                 

Everyone is welcome to attend!

Led by Sharon Revenaugh

Knowledge Seekers

Our class is made up of adults, we currently work, discuss, and study through a book series. Anyone is welcome to join!

Led by Cindy Dalzell

Faith Finders

We place a heavy emphasis on sharing one another's joys and burdens through conversation and prayer. Our class welcomes new members of all ages. Our current makeup is middle-aged to young senior adult.

Led by Suzie Tupper


We base our class on Acts 17:11     

 "Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if Paul was true."        

The class is a topical class that dives deep into the scripture.

Led by Gary Hardesty

For more info about SDMI or Sunday School contact:


Barry Hardesty,

SDMI Chairman


Pastor Brandon


Pastor Tori

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